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School News

September 12, 2022

Monday 26th

Tuesday 27th

Wednesday 28th

Thursday 29th

Friday 30th

Turn in Pizza forms No Lunch warmups

Pizza Lunch

Chapel @ 10:30 Early Release @ 11:30

Turn in 50 Cow Plop squares or $200 donation. Reward on Wednesday

Wear Cow Plop t-shirt with jeans or athletic pants

Join Scott & Tracy Trotter in praying for our school at 8:00 a.m. every Friday in the foyer of the church.

“Who Let the Cows Out?” Cow Plop

Top selling familys so far : Pottenger’s – 460 squares

Evangelho’s – 263 squares

Royce’s – 173 squares

Mill’s – 121 squares

Blanco’s – 118 squares

After School Pick Up

PLEASE, PLEASE let the office or your child’s teacher know if someone else is picking up your child.

Pizza Lunch Thursdays

Turn in pizza forms by Wednesday. Pizza lunch is $4 for a slice of pizza, and carrots or fruit. Extra slices are $1. Dessert treats are $.25 and $.50. This is a fundraiser for the 7th graders who will be going to Washington D.C. next year. Please make pizza checks to Cyndy Kym.

Mark your calendars:

Friday, September 30 Chapel @ 10:30

Early Release Day @ 11:30

Oct. 3-7 Fall Break

October 19-21 Parent Teacher Conferences

Early release at 11:30

October 21 Cow Plop 9-11/Early release at 11:30

(This is for Cornerstone students only)

October 28 Chapel @ 10:30/early release at 11:30