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The philosophy of Cornerstone Christian School is based on a God-centered view that all truth is God’s truth, and that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God. God created all things and sustains all things. Therefore, man is dynamically related to God and has the express purpose of glorifying Him. Because man is a sinner by nature and choice, he can only glorify or know God by choosing God’s free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, thereby committing his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Our responsibility for the student encompasses the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional areas. These are inseparable and through them run the insistent thread of the spiritual. Therefore, it must be our aim to shun the tendency to teach the Bible compartmentally or on the intellectual level alone – the scarlet thread must be woven throughout the total curriculum.


Our intellectual objective is to promote high academic standards while helping the student achieve skills in creative and critical thinking by using an integrated curriculum.


Our aim, from a social standpoint, is to provide a Christian world view perspective on the world and our society. Our hope is that through this preparation, our children will be equipped to model God’s plan in the world and our society. While the education of children is the responsibility of parents, the school functions as an agent for parents and encourages them to be involved in every phase of the child’s development

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