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Mission & Vision 

God has called us to raise and educate our children in a Christian environment while extending this opportunity to other families who may have similar desires. Therefore, our intention is to provide Christ centered education with challenging academics in a manner conducive to this calling.


1. To provide a Christian environment
  a. by praying over our children and over our school.
  b. by employing Christian teachers.
  c. by creating warm and loving, yet disciplined classrooms.
  d. by teaching everything from a biblical worldview.
  e. by participating in regular chapel services.
2. To provide an educational environment that challenges our children to reach their fullest potential
  a. by recognizing that all knowledge is a gift from God.
  b. by continually evaluating and selecting quality curriculums.
  c. by incorporating earlier school hours.
  d. by implementing a school calendar that enhances the child’s capacity.
  e. by maintaining a low student to teacher ratio.
  f. by expecting and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.
  g. by developing critical thinking skills
3. To provide Christian parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s education
  a. by praying over our children.
  b. by donating a required amount of time to the school.
  c. by monitoring homework and home projects.
  d. by attending chapel and special programs.

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