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1st Grade News

May 22-26, 2023

Memory Verse~ None this week…

Bible: Jude and Revelation

Reading: Tuesday pgs. 83-86, Thursday pgs. 91-95 (I will read the rest of the stories with the students in class and complete comprehension sheets.)

English: Review

Math: Greater than, less than, odds, evens, coins

Spelling: None this week

· We are going to Public Works Day at the Fair Building on Thursday, May 25. We will load up at 8:45 and return to the school at 10:45. Please have your child wear their red polo shirt and jeans/shorts or uniform bottoms. If you would be willing to drive please let me know. (Bring a car seat if needed).

· Bring a large paper grocery sack by

This week for taking school supplies home.

§ Thank you for sharing your children with me this year………..they are a special group and have touched my life in many ways. Mrs. R.

Reminder for parents who have signed up to help with lunch coverage this week. First of all – Thank you!! Lunch will be from 11:30-12:30 Monday – Thursday.

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